The New York Knicks beat the Celtics by 120 to 117 overtime.

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Boston Celtics (35-15) were defeated by the New York Knicks (27-23) by a total score of 120 to 117 in overtime.

By a final score of 120 to 117 in overtime, the New York Knicks (27-223) triumphed over the Boston Celtics (35-15). Jalen Brunson had 29 points, four rebounds, and seven assists for the Knicks, while Julius Randle finished with 37 points, nine rebounds, and five made threes. Jayson Tatum concluded the game for the Celtics with 35 points, 14 rebounds, and four assists.

Jaylen Brown chipped in with 22 points and nine rebounds. Early in the game, the Celtics appeared to be ready to run the Knicks off the court as they accumulated a 15-point lead thanks to numerous 3-pointers. The New York knicks put up what was their own 13-point lead in the fourth quarter, though they weren’t giving up easily.

The New York Knicks win over the Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics loose to The New York Knicks

The match took place in Boston, Celtics home ground in the TD garden. The match started with a good start to the Celtics. The TD Garden crowd was buzzing from the Celtics’ explosive start, but the Knicks weren’t concerned about the early deficit. In the second quarter, the Knicks erased their disadvantage as they warmed up and pressed the game.

As the clock ticked down in regulation, Jayson Tatum attempted to win the game, but his shot was off, forcing overtime. The Celtics had numerous opportunities to force a two-possession game late in overtime, but they failed to do so and the Knicks won. The C’s were also defeated by Brown’s missed free throws since they were unable to complete the crucial victory.

It appeared for a split second that this game was headed for a blowout. Given that the Celtics were leading 25-10 after one quarter, it was reasonable to assume that the game was over because they were the best team in the conference. Tatum got things going quickly, and Brown quickly caught up to him in terms of scoring. It appeared for a brief period of time that the New York Knicks would just lose that game due to superior play.

But the game later slowed down and the knicks took over. The Knicks rallied back and reduced a double-digit hole that they had early on to two points at the start of the second half.

The New York Knicks’ defense was on fire in the third quarter as a result of their momentum. The Knicks were everywhere on defense, stopping Boston drivers or switching screens and staying in front of a Celtic scorer. The end effect was easy baskets and an eight-point lead, the largest lead for the Knicks at that time.

Some of the great players of the match were Julius Randle, Immanuel Quickley and Jericho Sims. On offence, Julius Randle performed admirably and appeared to be a star. Randle took it upon himself to get the ball and score as New York’s offence stalled, continuing his recent trend of great dunks and shot making. Immanuel Quickley performed admirably in the first half but saw his playing time fluctuate in the second. 28 minutes is usually excellent, but in a match when both teams needed overtime. Jericho Sims appeared very strong too.


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