Reviews come in for ‘Hogwarts Legacy’, looks solid

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Harry potter lovers, live their fantasies with game ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

Fans have been daydreaming about receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letter and travelling to the magical institution for their own adventures since since the Harry Potter franchise went viral in the late 1990s. An open-world Harry Potter action-RPG that sends players to Hogwarts as fifth-year students with unusual skills, has made that now feasible.

The game promoted itself as a Harry Potter fantasy game, but came from a studio that had never undertaken a task this size. It had a lot to prove. Hogwarts Legacy has now received its initial reviews, and the initial ratings are…quite high.

On both Opencritic and Metacritic, Hogwarts Legacy has an 86 with a few dozen reviews in. While perhaps not 90+ GOTY material, an 86 is a very, very solid average in the larger context of the industry, a place which sometimes used to give developers bonuses if they landed above an 85.

Inconsistencies can be found in the enemy variety, user interface, simple side missions, and other problems that plague many contemporary games. However, as a whole, it is described as being “wonderful” and immersive.

The game doesn’t spend any time in giving players their first spells, such as the fundamental Lumos to illuminate dim locations and Levioso to levitate items. Spells can be very effective in combat, but their best utility is for solving puzzles.

However, what we’ve got is a game that gets to claim high ratings at launch, and it seems doubtful that this is a case like Cyberpunk 2077, when early, high PC scores from reviewers covered up significant technical issues on console. We are about to witness one of the biggest games of the year even though it is only a very excellent game overall when paired with the enormous excitement in the idea of a Harry Potter role-playing game. possibly within the last few years. Prepare to be hit.

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