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Nikki Haley announces run of presidential elections US 2024

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Trump’s opponent Nikki Haley enters the presidential race.

First female governor and Punjabi woman to run for president announces campaign. Nimrata is an American diplomat and politician. She was the 116th and first lady governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017.

Republican Party leader who is Indian-American has formally declared her candidature for president of the United States (US). As she declared her candidature on Twitter on Tuesday, the 51-year-old leader verified the suspicions. Haley included a link to her website where fans can donate to her presidential campaign along with the news.

Nikki Haley

Haley in her video was seen saying “The Washington establishment has failed us over and over and over again. It’s time for a new generation of leadership to rediscover fiscal responsibility, secure our border and strengthen our country, our pride and our purpose,” 

She served as the 29th American ambassador to the UN, appointed by President Donald Trump, from January 2017 to December 2018.

On January 20, 1972, Nikki Haley was born in Bamberg, South Carolina; her real name is Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. Her mother Raj Kaur Randhawa and father Ajit Singh Randhawa moved to the US from Amritsar, Punjab. Her middle name, “Nikki,” is often given to females in Punjabi families as a sign of affection.

While Nikki’s mother pursued a legal education at the University of Delhi, her father held a position as a professor at the Punjab Agricultural University.

After working for a waste management company and earning her degree from Clemson University, Nikki joined the family business as chief financial officer.

William Michael Haley, a commissioned officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard who also held the role of First Gentleman of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017, and she wed in 1996.

Her Political Career:

In 1998, Nikki Haley started participating in politics, and in 2004, she ran for the South Carolina House of Representatives. She overcame a formidable incumbent and won three more terms in the role before deciding to run for governor in 2010.

She added in her video “You should know this about me. I don’t put up with bullies. And when you kick back, it hurts them more if you’re wearing heels. I’m Nikki Haley and I’m running for president.”

Haley praised her record as a twice-elected governor of South Carolina during her video announcement, as well as her state’s response after nine people were shot and killed in a historically Black church in Charleston in 2015. Haley demanded that the Confederate flag be taken down from the Statehouse grounds after the shooting.

In her statement, she made further use of her background in foreign affairs and made reference to her time serving as UN ambassador, claiming to have “seen evil.”

Even though Trump publicly wished Nikki Haley luck on Tuesday, he has privately voiced anger that the woman he once chose to be his ambassador to the UN would oppose him. However, Trump has continued to worry the most about a different rival: DeSantis. Trump has privately suggested that instead of calling DeSantis “Ron Desanctimonious” in recent weeks, he instead focus on the candidate’s weight. Trump has privately approached many aides about coming up with a new derogatory moniker for his future competitor.

Some of Trump’s advisors have reminded him how it would assist him if he confronts more Republican challengers in the election as he has complained over Haley’s candidature.

She is an Indian American

Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who received Haley’s backing when Trump backed her Republican opponent, expressed concern about the size of the primary field to CNN on Tuesday.

“I’m worried that if there are too many candidates on the ballot by the time South Carolina rolls around, it will make it less likely that anyone else will vote in this,” Mace said.

On Tuesday, Nikki Haley submitted an application to the Federal Election Commission to run for president.

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