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Morningstar category: U.S. Technology Inception date: July 29,1985
Average annual return since inception: 16.05%

Fidelity Select Software & IT services

Morningstar category: U.S. Small Growth
Inception date: June 19, 1995
Average annual return since inception: 15.96%

Wasatch Micro Cap

Morningstar category: U.S. Health
Inception date: May 23, 1984
Average annual return since inception: 15.79%

Vanguard Healthcare Investor

Morningstar category: U.S. Large Growth
Inception date: May 2, 1963
Average annual return since inception: 15.74%

Fidelity Magellan

Morningstar category: U.S. Health
Inception date: July 14, 1981
Average annual return since inception: 15.37%

Fidelity Select Healthcare

Morningstar category: U.S. Health
Inception date: Dec. 21, 1999
Average annual return since inception: 14.66%

Black Rock Health Sciences Opportunities Investor A

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