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#1. usa

The US Air Force has 11,767 aircraft and 318,000 personnel. Firstly, almost half of American aviation is transport aircraft and helicopters (5739 units).

#2. Russia

The Russian military space forces are somewhat lagging behind the Chinese in terms of quantity, but they are noticeably superior in quality. In addition, unlike the United States.

#3. China

China has transformed from a country of catch-up development into a leading world power. For the most part, the Chinese Air Force is armed with equipment of its own production.

#4. India

India possesses predominantly outdated aircraft, mainly Soviet-made although there are French, British, and own developments. However, the 4th place in the ranking of the Indian Air Force.

#5. japan

Japan’s Air Self-Defense Forces have been declining in quantity, but growing in quality. Now they consist of 1,175 aircraft and about 49,000 personnel.

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