Houston: Tornados and high water reported, followed by severe storm.

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A tornado had hit the deer park and the Pasadena area in Houston.

Houston witnessed the formation of a tornado on 24th i.e. Tuesday afternoon. This storm had a potential of forming into a street flood.

Officials claim that a tornado struck in the Deer Park and Pasadena region, southeast of Houston. The Beltway 8 at Genoa Red Bluff, the Fairmont Parkway at Mickey Gilley Boulevard, and Burke at Crenshaw, according to the City of Pasadena’s Twitter account, were among the damaged places.

No severe injuries or fatalities has been reported yet after the tornado hit.

The deer park resident Ashley Lucky, claimed that a tornado swept by her home while she was at work and flung her neighbor’s backyard trampoline onto another property close by. She reported that the nearby neighborhood lacked electricity and cell phone coverage, had downed fences, and “trees everywhere.”

Aftermath of the tornado

Lucky also added “I was told it sounded like a freight train by a few neighbors, I’m glad I wasn’t home.”

Several downed power lines and overturned commercial trucks were reported around Beltway 8 and its intersections with Fairmont Parkway and Vista Road, the Pasadena Police Department reported on Twitter.

The space city weather editor said Tuesday on Town Square with Ernie Manouse “Tornado has winds as strong or stronger than a Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane, Easily enough wind can develop to lift or roll (vehicles) and damage structures, take roofs off.”

The tweet shows a video of real time in Houston.

According to the Atascocita Fire Department, the San Jacinto Manor nursing home in Deer Park saw a building collapse due to a tornado. In addition, a tornado that impacted Pearland was reported. Damage was visible in video shot by storm chasers.

After the storm had passed through late Tuesday afternoon, Lucky reported that neighbors in her Deer Park area had already started assisting one another with cleanup and repairs. But, as Lucky noted, “the community is pulling together and doing really fantastic at getting everything straightened up.

Tornado in Houston

Due to the storm’s loss of on-site steam, Shell Chemicals tweeted that it was flaring gas from its Deer Park facility. The business added that there were no signs that a tornado had entered the building.

The community is not in danger, according to Shell. “… While the flaring action is anticipated to continue until the units are restarted, we are making efforts to minimize any noise, light, or smoke related with it. Tuesday’s storm also produced structural and street flooding. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted in the afternoon that his deputies were assisting stranded motorists at multiple locations in the north and northwest parts of the county, which includes Houston.

According to officials in Montgomery County, there were also flooded roadways in Fort Bend County, which is southwest of Houston, as well as in the Conroe and Woodlands regions to the north of the city.

Storms travelled from the west side of Greater Houston toward the east, causing power disruptions throughout the area. According to CenterPoint Energy’s online outage tracker, more than 100,000 local customers had their electricity service interrupted and restored by 3:40 p.m., but more than 102,000 homes were still without power.

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